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Digital Locker Lock (MI-1200)

Product Detail Information


  • Multi Mode Function
  • Master Code Function
  • Automatic Locking Function
  • Secret Code Memory Function
  • Automatic Relock Function
  • Battery Replacement Warning Function
  • Notice Operation State with Beep Sound
  • Backlight Function
  • Digital Key Can Reguster 15pcs
  • Master Digital Key Can Register 3pcs
  • Confirmation The Operation State of Use or Not


  • Product Dimension
    - Front : 100.5(H) x 60(W) x 18(D)mm / Weight 105g
    - Back : 130(H) x 66(W) x 26(D)mm / Weight 120g
    - Strike : 70(H) x 25.3(W) x 14(D)mm / Weight 70g
  • Door Thickness
    - 12mm ~ 20mm
  • Finished
    - Spray with Metalic Coating
  • Door Handing
    - LHR/RHR


Golf Club, Domitoty, Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Hospital, Office, Library, Shopping Center, Fitness Club, Sports Center and Where need Storage Personal valuable things.